Benny Rogosnitzky Offers Three Tips for Divorcees with Children During a Holiday

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As you are well aware, this is a major week for billions of people in the world. Those who are practicing Jews are in the middle of Passover right now. Passover started on Sunday night and will continue until Saturday. Christians around the world will be mourning the loss of Jesus on Good Friday in two days and celebrating Easter on Sunday.

It is a very spiritual week and one that can be gut-wrenching if you have recently gone through a divorce. As many holidays are based on spending time with those you love, it can be difficult, in the beginning especially, to celebrate when so many other things are going on in your life.

Benny Rogosnitzky understands divorce very well, and he has to do the whole thing where he splits holidays with his wife. He has spent Seders without his children, and he understands how difficult not having your children around you during a holiday can be. This is partially the reason why he helped found Frum Divorce. He wanted to help parents and children come and start putting the pieces back together. If you are going through your own situation right now, Benny Rogostnitzky has plenty of insight. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Make Sure the Kids Are the Most Important Things on Your Mind: No talk about the divorce, lawyers, or what went wrong. This could be a trying time for your kids so it’s important to keep the focus on them.

Plan Things Ahead of Time: You won’t be used to this new arrangement so the best way to avoid making a major mistake is by setting up a plan ahead of time, including places to go, foods, and things to do.

Be Flexible: A plan is good thing, but know that things could occur that will necessitate some changes. Be ready to alter course if needed.

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